Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn

Our robust line-up of 24 premium Non-GMO corn hybrids for 2018 are designed for yield, standability, and drydown. Hybrids are carefully selected to provide an alternative for growers striving to become more profitable, and more sustainable.

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Our one-of-a-kind breeding program producing yield popping genetics that improve your bottom line.  This genetics first approach moves yield potential and stability up year after year.  Why wait for 4-8 year old base genetics just to have more expensive stacked traits?


The Spectrum – Spensa Z-Trap Network

Spectrum Seed has partnered with Spensa Technologies to give growers the ability to view important pest population data for insects such as Corn Earworm, Western Bean Cutworm, and European Corn Borer in real-time. Thus providing valuable information to protect your investment without traits.

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What are others saying about Spectrum Non-GMO?

My Yields with Spectrum Non-GMO hybrids are the same as GM hybrids and I make $20-30 more an acre with Spectrum Non-GMO. So this year, I planted all Non-GMO corn.

Joe Mills

Crawfordsville, IN

My use of Spectrum Non-GMO hybrids over the last few years, I have found; lowers my input costs, good selection of chemical for Non-GMO corn, yields are similar and I don’t have to use Glyphosate, which I believe is not good for soil health… Most important, “Good Folks to Work With” If I get a premium, it’s icing on the cake.

Glynn Solomon

Bradbury Farms, Montrose, GA

I have utilized Spectrum 6104 in my Narrow row, higher population, irrigated corn acres the last several years. Last year, Spectrum 6104 averaged 254.18 Bu/Ac including the dryland corners on that pivot. The high point on my SMS map for Spectrum 6104 was 363.81 Bu/Ac.

Gayle Marsh

Grand Island, NE

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Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn is led by a core team, passionate about providing premium non-gmo hybrids that will positively impact your bottom line. Click here to learn more about our team members.

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A winning non-GMO program starts with hybrids that best suit your management practices. Spectrum's Non-GMO Seed Specialists can tell you what will work and what you should avoid. Ready to go non-GMO? Give us a call today! 

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