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We want to provide the absolute best yielding, most profitable seed corn to our farmer customers… because we are farmers, too.

Plant Breeders Unite

Scott Odle founded Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn after becoming frustrated with the escalating costs of traited corn, and the increased costs of stacks upon stacks and the unclear value proposition that felt like over-insuring something he could manage a different way. He was not afraid to work a little harder and think a little different about how to manage weed and insect pressure and believed that capturing yield potential was mostly his responsibility… and he could be rewarded for that effort.

Fortunate for Odle (and the rest of us), he lived very close to some of the world’s best plant breeders. When these men came together numerous times over Bible studies and community events the wild idea to start a seed company came together.

Starting seed companies in 2007 was a not a normal thing to do. This followed a tsunami wave of consolidation by biotech giants buying up seed companies and the only ones left were either mom & pop small companies or behemoths themselves that refused to cave to the cash offers. Despite the odd timing, and because of the friendship and trust in one another, the team, anchored by Odle and plant breeder, Scott Johnson, joined forces to rethink how profit is delivered to the farm gate.

Odle had a big vision for leading yield and controlling costs on the farm, and Johnson had the plant breeding passion and a nursery already underway. From that momentous start the two forged relationships with numerous industry players and have grown the company to sales across more than 27 states, focused, whole-heartedly on latest and greatest, non-GMO genetics, delivered at a fair price, and more importantly, the most compelling profit to the farmer.

The Next Level

Not far down the road in Lafayette, IN was a couple of other young farm and agribusiness professionals. Daryl Starr had worked with Scott Odle for years through his agronomy and software company Advanced Ag Solutions. Starr followed the trajectory of Spectrum with much shared excitement while growing the crop modeling software Optimizer, which was eventually acquired by 360 Yield Center. When Odle and Starr began brainstorming ways to work together more closely it was clear that another transformation of Spectrum was about to occur. How could premium non-GMO genetics be delivered to more farms, with even more value to the farmer? The two landed on an idea to reinvent direct sales and provide unmatched educational material about the benefits to managing your farm with newest and best genetics, aimed at the bottom line for the farmer. Starr also brought in Paul Pence and Josh Richey to round out the conversation and before long the team was getting very excited about the new resources and vision to deliver premium non-GMO genetics for bottom line results.

Today, Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn is led by this core team and we are thrilled to bring you powerful genetics from our one of a kind breeding program, along with top shelf genetics from the shoulders of industry giants. We are passionate about meeting you where you are and helping you move the needle on your farm with the best in class, industry-leading, educational material, focused on what you, the farmer, can do to keep more dollars in your pocket through these changing times. We believe that if we deliver on this year in and year out, you will remain with us for a long, long time and we can both achieve our goals for a profitable and sustainable future.

Our Team

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn is led by a core team, passionate about providing premium non-gmo hybrids that will positively impact your bottom line. Click here to learn more about our team.

Spectrum Seed Dealers

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO’s Dealer network continues to be an important and vital part of getting the word out about Non-GMO and how it can benefit so many farming operations. Click here to find a dealer in your area or learn more about dealership opportunities.

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Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn is a company focused on growth: the growth of excellent non-gmo corn crops, the growth of our customers, the growth of our company, and the growth of our people. If you think you might like to grow along with us, check out our current opportunities here.

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We are passionate about providing you with the best in class, industry-leading, educational material, focused on what you, the farmer, can do to keep more dollars in your pocket through these changing times.

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