Our Story

Spectrum is a non-GMO seed company. On purpose. Why? Because growers deserve better choices and greater flexibility when it comes to managing their acres. And because we know first-hand you can positively impact your farm and your family with a non-GMO program.

This Business is Personal

Because as growers, we wanted better choices and the flexibility to manage our acres conventionally. We wanted to work with someone that understood what we were trying to accomplish. So we designed Spectrum Non-GMO Seed Corn as a result of our desire to implement non-GMO practices that were financially rewarding and environmentally sound.

Not content with status quo solutions, we threw our muscle behind our own non-GMO corn research and breeding program to help us identify the winners from the losers. We farmed our ground with Spectrum Non-GMO and learned valuable lessons along the way, giving us greater insights on how to best protect our return on investment.

You Can Win with Non-GMO

Spectrum understands how to generate a profit with non-GMO. If you’ve made the decision to adopt non-GMO practices for your farm, we’ll be here to support you. Whether it’s selecting the right hybrids or navigating the premium grain market, we’ll be by your side every single step of the way.

Because this business is personal.

Our Team

Spectrum is led by a team of Non-GMO Seed Corn Specialists committed to helping you achieve your goals. Click here to learn more about our team.

Spectrum Seed Dealers

Spectrum’s nationwide dealer network is a great resource for learning more about Spectrum and the benefits of a non-GMO program. Click here to find a dealer in your area or learn more about dealership opportunities.

Join Our Team

At Spectrum, we believe in growth: the growth of excellent non-GMO corn, the successful business growth of our farmers, the evolving growth of our business, and the professional growth of our people. If you think you might like to grow with us, check out our current opportunities here.

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Are you ready to go non-GMO?

A winning non-GMO program starts with hybrids that best suit your management practices. Spectrum's Non-GMO Seed Specialists can tell you what will work and what you should avoid. Ready to go non-GMO? Give us a call today! 

Have questions about farming with Non-GMO?


Have questions about raising a non-GMO corn crop? Follow the link below for our online resources. Can't find an answer to your question? Give us a call!

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Would you like to learn more?

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