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Learn more about our quantity discounts, terms, payment and seed treatment options.

While other companies are searching for their fit in an industry filled with GMO traited hybrids and “conventional” hybrids, you’ll find Spectrum is a laser-focused seed corn supplier. We concentrate on breeding and marketing ONLY Non-GMO hybrids.

This isn’t something we take lightly. There is nothing “Conventional” about our products and our approach. We aren’t out to compete with GMO hybrids, we are out to win regardless. High yields, plant health, standability are the signatures of our premium corn hybrids.

Spectrum isn’t just a seed company, we are also a service company. We are here to help with proven methods for insect and weed management programs. Learn more about our quantity discounts, terms, payment and seed treatment options below.

Spectrum Discounts & Terms / Discount Schedule

Early Order

By September 15th, 2016 receive a $5/unit discount. Once a grower orders/reserves Spectrum hybrids, any subsequent changes/additions to the order will still utilize original order date discount.


  • 24 Units N/A Discount
  • 48 Units $5 Discount
  • 100 Units $7 Discount
  • 200 Units $9 Discount
  • 300 Units $11 Discount
  • 400 Units $13 Discount
  • 500 Units $14 Discount
  • 650 Units $15 Discount
  • 800 Units $16 Discount
  • More than 800 Units $17 Discount

Payment Options


  • By September 15th, 2016 receive a 12% discount
  • By October 15th, 2016 receive an 11% discount
  • By November 15th, 2016 receive a 10% discount
  • By December 15th, 2016 receive a 9% discount
  • By January 15th, 2017 receive a 5% discount
  • By March 15th, 2017 receive a 3% discount
  • By August 1st, 2017 receive a 0% discount

JDF financing is available to JDF approved growers with Special Terms Credit Limit available.

Direct Shipment

Orders of 30 units or more may qualify for To-Your-Farm Delivery at no additional cost. Orders of less than 30 units will ship to the distribution site closest to you and will be ready for pick up at your convenience. Direct freight delivery (shipping fees apply) and warehouse pick up options are also available.

Replant Assistance

Should replant seed be needed as a result of weather-related issues or other factors that have compromised emergence, replant seed is available. Replant seed corn is offered at the low price of $95/unit.


Unused seed that has been properly stored and unopened can be returned at no additional cost. Please make us aware of your return by June 15th, 2017 by calling (866) 400-9468. All unused seed must be returned to distributor or Spectrum dealer location within 60 days of receipt or by June 30, 2017, whichever comes rst. All bulk boxes must be returned by June 30, 2017, to distributor or Spectrum dealer location. Call (800) 338-4558 for assistance in return logistics.

Spectrum Standard Seed Treatment Package

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO hybrids will come with a minimum of Cruiser Maxx Corn 250.

Spectrum Untreated Seed

Untreated Spectrum Premium Non-GMO orders will be offered on select hybrids only. Order deadline is December 1st, 2016, please call (866) 400-9468 for availability.

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