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Blog by Scott Odle, Spectrum Founder

THANK YOU to those who attended the No-till Farmer webinar last Thursday on Managing Non-GMO Corn in No-till. I truly enjoy interacting with the No-till community and find that I always learn something from the experience. As follow-up, here are links to a copy of the Webinar Presentation, Webinar Powerpoint pdf, and our 2018 Seed Guide for Spectrum Non-GMO.

Information from the presentation included:

  • How to manage herbicide and insecticide challenges without traits like Roundup Ready, LibertyLink or Bt.
  • How to use cover crops within a non-GMO system to support the growth of conventional corn.
  • Economics behind raising non-GMO corn and how they can pencil out to be more profitable.
  • Other considerations in trying to raise a productive non-GMO crop, such as herbicide drift management, application timing of pesticides and more.

If you have any questions about anything covered during the session or about Spectrum Non-GMO, please feel free to contact us.


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