Marketing Premium Non-GMO

When it comes to selling non-GMO or selling food-grade grain, we have paid extra special attention, because we know these qualities can drive top line revenue for you.

Grain Buyers

Spectrum Non-GMO varieties are backed by yields that run right with, if not outpace, industry standard traited corns. Those varieties are delivered at a significant savings compared to those same traited products. The end result is greater profitability on your corn acres.

Beyond the higher yields at lower prices, Spectrum is in close contact with many of the grain buyers in the industry to help our customers take advantage of Premium opportunities for marketing their Non-GMO grain. We’ve compiled a list of grain buyers who have non-GMO programs in order to help you make the most with your Spectrum Premium Non-GMO corn.


Programs: Specialty Grains – Non-GMO grains program
Locations: Selected locations on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers
Contacts: Je Mauck /Jason Depenbrock (or the elevator manager at your closest ADM delivery point)


Programs: Specialty Grains – Non-GMO corn programs
Locations: River terminals on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers
Contacts: Elevator manager at your closest Bunge delivery point


Programs: Non-GMO corn program
Locations: Delivery points located on the Illinois River (in north central Illinois) and on the Missouri River
Contacts: Shane McKibbon –


Programs: Premium Grains – post-harvest, chemical free Non-GMO
Locations: Delivery locations on the Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio Rivers
Contacts: IP manager at your closest CGB delivery point

CHS Inc.

Programs: Non-GMO corn program
Locations: Delivery locations on the Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio Rivers
Contacts: John Whittle

Tate & Lyle

Programs: Non-GMO corn taken as needed
Locations: Delivery locations in Central Illinois and Northwest Indiana
Contacts: Brad Morrison – 

The Scoular Company

Programs: Premiums on all conventional hybrids for waxy, hard endosperm, white corn. Premiums on most conventional hybrids for non-GMO and hard endosperm.
Locations: Andres, Leland, and Ottawa, IL Waverly, IL and St. Louis, MO
Contacts: Tom, Drew, or Chris

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Are you ready to go non-GMO?

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