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We stand by our genetics, our products and our word. As an independent company, we’re not subject to any GMO trait license agreement. Our freedom-to-operate enhances our genetic diversity and allows us to demonstrate performance and profitability. We simply stay true to our promise of developing premium Non-GMO seed and doing what it takes to contribute to more sustainable farming.

Non-GMO Products

Our breeding program is carefully watched over by Scott Johnson. We believe that the art of selection must be married to the science of data. We fulfill this vision year in and year out by carefully selecting specific plants that exhibit the characteristics to yield in stress environments, believing that the yield potential captured in really high yield environments is made up of the farmer’s actions and the good Lord’s rainfall from above.

To that end, we are relentless in testing parent seed lines from a very diverse pool and crossing them against industry giants that have demonstrated staying power. These combinations result in discovery that is unique and profound.

We enjoy fruits of this discovery from our own breeding and the genetic marker technology used by other breeding programs. When these converge we can bring you unique mixes that are ideally suited to your situation. And, because we do not face the same regulatory hurdles or cross-back needs that our biotech competitors do, we can deliver these discoveries to your farm years faster… allowing you to separate yourself with more yield potential, years ahead.

Performance Trial Test Plots

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO is committed to providing the leading Non-GMO products on the market. We work with multiple growers across the nation to provide them most accurate testing of our products each year. Click here to view the results of our test plots.

Identity Preserved Hybrids

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO is committed to offering the purest seed possible through rigorous testing and an industry-leading corn seed identity preservation (IP) program. The program sets forth quality standards for the Spectrum Premium Non-GMO brand and gives growers access to an expanding list of premium opportunities, including specialized Non-GMO feed, food and export markets.

Discounts & Terms

While other companies are searching for their fit in an industry filled with GMO traited hybrids and “conventional” hybrids, you’ll find Spectrum is a laser-focused seed corn supplier. We concentrate on breeding and marketing ONLY Non-GMO hybrids. Click here for more information about our quantity discounts, terms, payment and seed treatment options.

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Which Non-GMO hybrids will work best on YOUR farm?

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We are passionate about providing you with the best in class, industry-leading, educational material, focused on what you, the farmer, can do to keep more dollars in your pocket through these changing times.

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