Spensa Technologies Partnership

Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn has partnered with Spensa Technologies to give growers the ability to view important pest population data for insects such as Corn Earworm, Western Bean Cutworm, and European Corn Borer in real-time. Thus providing valuable information to protect your investment without traits.

Spensa Technologies Z-Traps

Spensa’s Z-Trap automates the process of insect trapping and counting with our internet-enabled smart traps. Monitor insect counts daily from your computer or smartphone to catch pest problems earlier, spray more efficiently, and save more crops. The Z-Trap system is a way for farmers to use smart insect traps to analyze and predict insect populations in their fields. Catch problems early and use pesticides with more precision for increased yields. Learn more about Spensa solutions here.

Learn more about the Z-Traps in this video.

The Power of the Network

With more than 400 traps in place, the Spectrum – Spensa Z-Trap Network will stretch from North and South Dakota through the Midwestern corn belt to eastern Ohio, providing growers throughout the region valuable insights into real-time insect pressure data. In collaboration with the NSF and Purdue University, this expansive network puts the power to make educated, yield saving insect management decisions directly into the grower hands.

We will be strategically place a number of Z-Traps throughout our marketing area for the 2017 crop year, with plans on doubling the number of them for the 2018 crop year. Please see the map below for current trap locations.

Program Details

Weekly Email with Regional Data

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Real-Time Custom Login for Your Farm

Purchase Traps for your farm and receive a custom login to view real-time data for your farm as well as the entire network. For more information, please contact a member of the Spectrum team.

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