Your family and children depend on the land. Our nation depends on food sustainability. We share these passions and work hard to deliver solutions that matter to your land.

Cropping Systems

Seed is the big way we deliver value. We put a lot of work into the genetics, the treatments, the bags, and the delivery of our seed to your farm. We believe the cropping systems you put around the seed are what makes us both sustainable. We also happen to learn a lot along the way on our farms and the partner farms we are exposed to. We believe sharing the best practices from others can drive insights that you can use on your farm.

There are a number of timeless practices that we believe have a fit on the modern farm, and some unique ways we see merging modern technologies with these age old practices. We are non-GMO by choice. Are you ready for a change?

Sustainability Practices


Crop Rotation

Corn after corn can benefit by adding soybeans into the mix. We also see farmers bringing back wheat and even specialty crops.

Cover Crops

Our headquarters are in West Central Indiana and Indiana has long been known to merge productive soils with erosion management for some of the most innovative practices at scale as anywhere in the world. Odle is a long time cover crop users and is passionate about sharing his findings on his 4,000 acre farm.


Modern herbicides are amazing. Their ability to contain pesky weeds negates the need for tillage for weed control. As a result we see carbon getting stored and built in fantastic ways on the farm. This adds a nitrogen and other nutrient warehouse for slow release. Odle has been a long term notiller and will share his thoughts throughout the year as it relates to compaction management and more.

Late Season Nitrogen

Not every year is this a no-brainer but some years it buys farms. Waiting until you know more almost always causes better decisions. In years with lots of rain the yield potential goes up and so you need to feed it. In years where it is abnormally dry, we also see reasons to fold your money and put it back in your pocket.

Many More to Come

Again, we are also learning and discovering new ways to attack age old problems. We will share our findings here and on our blog.

Shipping Season

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Weekly Resource RoundUp

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